In September 2023 some members of PARC’s core team visited the Atal Technical Lab (ATL) at
the Government Higher Secondary School in Pipli, near Pilani. The Lab is set up under the Atal
Innovation Mission of the Niti Ayog by PARC, Pilani in collaboration with Grey Sim Learning
Foundation (a Mumbai-based NGO approved by NITI Ayog for installation of Atal Tinkering

The objective of the Atal Technical Lab (ATL) is to promote STEM Education for Government
school children. ATL provides a unique opportunity to hone the skills of students in science,
technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The lab comes with some sophisticated
equipment like G-Bot 3D printer, Pluto quadrotor DIY Kit, WIT Blox Robotics DIY Kit and
activities like identifying e-waste, its segregation, recycling etc.

Each of the ATLs is supervised by a qualified Trainer with good communication skills who can
engage with children to arouse their curiosity.

Similar ATLs are being set up in three other government schools in villages around Pilani. Essel
Mining has financed the program from its CSR funds to The BITSAA Alumni Trust, the institution
supporting PARC.