PARC Health

Over the years the we’ve planned and implemented initiatives and projects keeping in mind that a balance between mental and physical health for the community is very important. It is all about a healthy mind residing in a healthy body.

Physiotherapy Clinic

PARC has partnered with Helpage India to conduct physiotherapy sessions for senior citizens. The average footfall is a dozen patients a day. Helpage India is a leading non-profit platform that has been helping disadvantaged senior citizens in the Country for three decades. Research has proven that physiotherapy significantly improves the wellbeing of senior citizens and PARC has seen the benefits in the Pilani community.

5376 patients treated.

Arogya Clinic

Is a primary healthcare clinic for the needy and underprivileged. It is open 6 days a week and is headed by a veteran doctor with 30+ years of practice. Apart from attending to patients and referrals to hospitals, 

Arogya also conducts regular medical checkups for school children and health camps.

Health Camps

PARC organises 5 to 6 different types of health camps every year involving local doctors, specialists and hospitals, pro-bono, in diagnosis, tests and even surgery. The initiatives range from eye camps, ENT camps, general health camps and gynaecological health camps. PARC had conducted vaccination and immunisation drives in collaboration with Government authorities. During the pandemic, Covid oxygen concentrators were made available for the community.

Health camps: 448 patients treated

Eye screening camps: 1286 patients treated