PARC Community

It was a sense of ‘belonging’, inculcated while we were at BITS, that made us want to help the community in and around Pilani in various ways. Over the years, we focussed on playgrounds for the children, pilgrimages & excursions for the seniors, legal help for women, as well as, solutions to improve the agricultural practices.

Akash Ganga

Sustainable Innovations, a US based Non-Profit, operated from the PARC with the goal of water harvesting, drip irrigation. These experts went from village to village evangelizing and setting up water harvesting solutions.

Senior Citizen Excursions

In partnership with HELPAGE, PARC organizes and conducts tours to various historical places within the country for senior citizens in the community. The local community looks forward to such excursions and there are many stories that are told and retold! The excursions are a much-needed relief from day to day drudgery for many folks.

Social Research Projects

Social Research Projects (PARC): These are worthy research projects conducted in partnership with the BITS faculty. Current collaborations include developing bio-pesticides with a grant from the Department of Science & Technology (Ministry of Science).

Legal Help for Women

Women’s Cell (PARC) : The Cell helps implement the various acts designed to safeguard women and children, such as the Domestic Violence Act 2005, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013, Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Prohibition of Child Marriages Act 2006 among others. The community can also avail legal services for redressal with the help of our lawyers.

Pilani Playscapes

Anthill creations, the BITS student Team and PARC brought this initiative to life. Its objective was to give children a sustainable playscape, a play-cum-learning ground, having various educational and fun equipment – from swings to walker maze, balance beam, double swing and transverse beam. A engaging space for all children, including those specially-abled. It is a 5000 square feet area adjacent to the PARC complex at Pilani.

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