Singer Machines India

For women from the weaker sections of society, a vocational skill like sewing holds an important alternative as they can set up a sewing machine in their homes and cater to making clothes for their family and neighbourhood, while still continuing their roles as traditional homemakers.

As part of Singer India’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of Ek Nai Pehchaan (GIVING A NEW IDENTITY), Singer India has committed itself to aggressively aiming to uplift women from the weaker sections of society who are coming from the slums and lower-middle strata, these women are generally unemployed, school drop-outs and widows.

Singer India is engaged in running many Skill Development Centres either directly or through associations with other Corporate Organisations & NGOs to provide women with vocational training in order to help them learn the skill of sewing.  The Singer skill centres are equipped with the latest industrial machines – all part of the training course aimed at making women embrace work in garment factories.  These Centres have proved to be a blessing for women as they have gained a lot of confidence after taking Singer’s three months Certificate and six-month Diploma courses.

Singer India has been involved with the Swayam Shakti Sewing Centre, equipped with 21 sewing machines.  They helped with the examination and certification of the women enrolled at the sewing centre.

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