Agastya International

Agastya International was founded in 1999 with the primary aim of augmenting government school curricula and helping the children grasp complex concepts through hands on methods.  They believe in making education accessible to children irrespective of their economic & social backgrounds.  Over the years Agastya teachers have gone into communities and touched the lives of many children and their families, as well as, those of government school teachers and the villages & neighbourhoods they serve. 

Through innovative core programs trained teachers ignite that spark of curiosity in children for science, arts and mathematics.  Agastya has a network of mobile labs which deliver science lessons and models to children who live and attend school in remote areas. Agastya works on a simple hub & spoke model – the hub is a science centre that holds science fairs where models & experiments are exhibited to visitor.  These fairs are very popular, colourful, crowded and exciting.   The spokes are the Lab-in-a-box and Lab-on-a-bike that reach out to students and teachers in remote areas.  Students can now see and touch working models and learn about scientific principles more easily.

Agastya has provided hands-on exposure to scientific experiments in rural schools around Pilani.  They had 2 mobile labs outfitted for carrying and conducting experiments for schools in remote areas.  Each van had an instructor and was deployed 5 days a week going village to village.  The PARC Discovery Centre was equipped to conduct experiments with an instructor present.  The experiments were integrated with the local school curriculum and enabled students to make models by themselves.

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